My Story

Hi Sisters,

I am glad to have you here. 

My name is Emily C. Brown.

The Lord used me to begin this ministry to help encourage fellow Christians Sisters to live the call that God has placed in our hands to be Servants of God, Disciples of Jesus Christ, wives, and mothers. 

I invite you to embrace this calling with love and devotion that with the help of God we will reap good fruits.

After The Lord urged me to get closer to Him and learn His Word more thoroughly I began looking at the calling of a Christian in a whole new light.  I went to church the majority of my life but I never realized how little I really knew about my Lord and Savior until I started reading His Word daily. I learned we begin to hold The Lord and His will in higher esteem once we learn His ways through His word.

We begin to build our own independent relationship with God.

Reading the Word of God is not a one-time thing or even a once in a while thing. We NEED to abide by the Word of God on a daily basis. The more we begin to learn it, the more we begin to change and become more like Jesus Christ. I feel The Lord has pushed me to share His Word and what God has been teaching us so far through this journey and encourage others in His ways. 

So far, I realize how important it is for us to take care of our temple, this means taking care of our soul, mind, and health. Overall we need to take care of the temple of God.

And these will be the contents of this Ministry.

Obs.: We strive to fulfill the commandments of God and his son Jesus Christ, and by his grace, we humble ourselves in obedience to His teachings, as recorded in Genesis-Revelation, for our sanctification.

We hope that you will be edified through this ministry that is for the Glory of God.

We are so grateful that you are here.

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Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him,” John 14:23

Grab a cup of Tea and join us!

A place to learn and to share what it means to be a Godly Sister, Wife, and Mother.

Striving to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

searching ourselves

How much are we living to God? 100%
Are we really following Jesus? 100%
Are we really obeying God's will? 100%
What is the true will of God according to his word? 100%
Are we really seeking to walk on the fullness of the Gospel? 100%
Are we living a lukewarm life? 100%
Do we really Love GOD or we love most ourselves? 100%

Let us strive to get to 100% in everything that God and his Son Jesus Christ commandment. 

Let us be prepare. Let us be ready. Let us obey God’s will, because we are Israel his choose people. 


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