Nourish our Soul

Time with God

Hello, Sisters in Christ.

I would like to express something very important that God helped me to see in my journey with God.

Our time with God is the most important activity we do each day. In fact, spending quality time with God shapes the outcome of the rest of our day. You may have a lot going on each day but that’s never a reason to neglect spending quiet time with God. It is a blessing to live a lifestyle that God is the priority. On Instagram Sisters.in_christ we share almost every day some highlights about our “Tea time with God” on the ” Nourish the Soul”, feeling free to check out.  



Quiet time with God is simply time spent with little or no distractions where you allow God to pour into you. It can be done first thing in the morning or at another time within the day depending on your schedule. Personally, I think the morning is best because it’s a way to literally put God first, I think if you wake up at least 30 minutes early and add in your morning routine your ” Morning Portion with God”, this little change will help you so much in your day. But, I know that mornings are not always practical for everyone. The key is to make sure that your quiet time is intentional and with little distractions. This means, put away your phone, don’t check your email, refrain from having conversations, and stay away from loud and noisy places.


Quiet time is important because it’s a way to hear from God without all the noise and distractions. It also helps to set the tone for your entire day. I’ve noticed that on days when I’ve skipped quiet time, I was extra anxious, irritable, and mentally drained. Even if the day was set to be a busy one, when I put God first, somehow I got a burst of energy, I was more productive, and I had more peace throughout the day. Things that seemed like they would be extremely challenging weren’t as bad as I imagined they would be.

Quiet time is also a great way to practice discipline and show your dedication to God. Christianity is about so much more than accepting Jesus, it’s also about walking with him. Walking with him means doing things that are sometimes inconvenient, annoying, and challenging, but if you really love God, you will find this “quiet time with God” a gift from heaven.


Draws you closer to God.

Quiet time helps to grow your faith by pulling you closer to God. The more time you spend with someone, the more you get to know them. It’s the same with God. Spending time with God helps you to develop true intimacy with him as he teaches you deep truths you can’t find on the surface. Jesus showed his disciples the “secrets of the kingdom,” not because they were perfect or more holy than anyone else, but because they spent time with him. (Matt 13:11)

Refreshes your heart and soul.

After I have a quiet time with God I feel full of peace is special, In Proverbs 31:15 says that “she rises also while it is still night…” I believe that God separates this quiet time to every sister to be with him, to talk, and seek his will.  We need time to reset and refresh our hearts and soul. This is how we will have the strength to take on the challenges of the day and we can show up ready to have a productive and successful day.

Gives you time to hear from God and receive direction.

If you never stop to listen, how will you know what decisions to make in life? If we believe that God guides our lives, then we need to take time to listen to his guidance. Quiet time with God helps you to do this well. While God is always speaking, we don’t always have the ears to hear. We need to create space to slow down, listen, and then act according to God’s word.

Time for peace before start the day.

Quiet time with God gives you an opportunity to be at peace before your day gets hectic and busy. Sometimes the days can be so long and busy and you just want to get away from it. If you want to avoid burnout and exhaustion, it’s important to spend some time in peace and quiet with God.


Now that you know the importance of spending quiet time with God, you may be wondering, what should you do during quiet time to make it effective? Quiet time routines look different for everyone because we’re all different people with different needs. But, I will share what has been working for me.

Wake up and brew a warm cup of tea.

I usually wake up around 5:30 am so I can have about 1 hour to spend in quiet time with God before starting my day. I like to have something to drink during my morning quiet time because it helps me stay awake. My drink of choice is usually tea or hot chocolate.

Pray – Read the Bible – Pray

I usually pray first and ask God to guide me during this time and open my spiritual eyes and ears so I can understand more clearly what I am reading. After I start reading the bible. I have a pretty set plan of what I’m reading so I just continue on in my routine. It’s good to follow a Bible study routine because it prevents the decision fatigue that can often plague us. I highly recommend having a Bible study routine so you can stick to it more easily.  But, if God put in your heart to read a specific part, obey him and do it. After I usually pray again saying thank God for his word.

Write out any thoughts in your journal

Journaling is a great aspect of a quiet time routine. Sometimes we have so many thoughts in our heads that we don’t know how to process them simply because we haven’t written them down. Write down your thoughts so you can see them clearly and address them as needed.  I really like to express gratitude and thanksgiving to God. I keep a gratitude journal and write down a few things I’m thankful for each day. Sometimes it does get redundant but the point is to cultivate a heart of thanksgiving. There will be days when it’s hard to give thanks. Having a record of things you’re thankful for will help you on those days.

Quiet time is an excellent way to seek God first and hear from him before you approach your busy day. God wants to fellowship with us daily, not just on Sunday for a couple of hours at church. The Bible tells us to seek God first and then all that we need will be added to us. Many of us are doing it in reverse and wondering why we don’t have what we need. Seek God first in quiet time and watch your life transform dramatically. 

I hope you enjoy your tea time with our best father, our eternal God.

“I hope you have a blessing quiet time."
"Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all."
1 Timothy 4:15