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By: Sisters in Christ

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5 

Hello Sisters.


For a mom, raising a child is a big blessing. 

We have a great opportunity to create infinity memories with our little ones, search their heart is a big mission, but with the help of God, he will help us understand every child’s needs, and by the word of God we can start to nourish and plant good seeds. 

I  was blessed to have had this amazing experience in my childhood. 

A cup of chamomile tea, crackers, or a simple piece of french bread with butter. Yes, simple like that, nothing fancy but a beautiful memory that I have with my mom.

Tea time with our little ones. 

Let us embark on this amazing tradition. 

Usually, I prepare some pantries or just put some fruits, crackers, bread together with a warm cup of tea. Everyone seat on the floor with some comfy pillows and here we go. Time to have a T.E.A Time (T- Teach, E- Encourage, and A-Adore) with God. 

I grab our basket where a organized our bible books. 

We pray, first giving thanks to God for preparing this time for us and asking for him his blessings and guidance.  

God will guide us as moms to read what He wants us to read. Sometimes can be how some people’s life was affected/changed because they had obeyed God and listened to His calling, like the stories of Abraham, or what happen when someone did not obey God’s word like Jonah. 

I believe how important is for us to share the consequences of our choices. This is a very important skill of life, and also in this time, I trust that the Holy Spirit is working in their souls and hearts building a Chris personality.

Intentionally nourishing, encouraging, and strengthening our little ones in this time is the best gift we can give them. 

Let us help our child to learn to abide in God’s plan, it would all work out for His glory.

I hope this message can encourage you in your own journey to help your little ones learn about God. 

If you are doing something different or if you would like to add something to help us as mom to help our little ones to learn about God and his goodness, please share in the comments below.

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