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“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Hello Sisters.

Hello Sisters.

I would like to share something that my family has been doing for about 4 years. The family devotion that we call “Morning Portion”.


PRAYING TOGETHER This is a very important part of our time! Often my husband will open the Bible time with a prayer, but at the end, we allow anyone, even the little ones, to pray. We sometimes have to instruct during this time about what is appropriate behavior for praying together and about the right attitudes and heart postures.

We read a portion of God’s Word, we have been amazed at how much they understand! 

I encourage all the families to do this, put God first. Eat our spiritual daily bread, and help our little ones to learn to build a personal relationship with God.


At some part of the day, usually in the afternoons, we have a basket of Bible-related books. We usually read some of the books, chat about the character of the messages, this is a relaxing time, we put pillows on the floor and we enjoy a Tea time with God eating some yummy yummy snacks. We intentionally use this time to enjoy reading God’s words and teach some good manners.  

  • Chat Afterward: After Bible Time, I love to talk afterward about what they saw and thought, and felt during this time. Is very important we strive to reach the heart of our children, and I know that this time is when they really open themselves to different matters they are going through. 


Before Bedtime my husband has a special time with the children. 

They read the Bible, they go through some Bible verses memorization, usually God’s commandments, my husband prays for the children’s lives. This is a very special time.

This is what my family is doing for some time already, and Praise God is bringing good fruits. 

I hope this message can encourage you in your own journey to help your little ones learn about God. 

Please, Sisters, share in the comments below what are you doing to nourish our children’s hearts. 

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