TIPS To Help Prepare For The SABBATH Day.

Shabbat Shalom

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“Do not let your adorning be external — the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear — but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”1 Peter 3:3-4

Shabbat Shalom Sisters.

I realize how important is for us to organize our week with the sabbath day in mind. I wish I knew this since the beginning but God is good. 

When my family first started keeping Shabbat that was a bit overwhelming for me as a mom of a newborn, but today God blessed us with 3 children and I have been learning so many different ways to keep it simple. 

Here are a few tips that we’ve learned during our journey, if we apply this in our routine I believe we will have a peaceful Shabbat, not an overwhelming Friday.

The key is to prepare ahead for Shabbat. 

Having a plan can alleviate the stress of ‘it’s-Friday-afternoon-and-I’m-not-ready.’ 

We as wives, moms, sisters. We have a lot of things on our plate to take care of.

Here are some of the most important things that usually we are responsibly for: 

  1. Grocery + Cook. 
  2. Clean the house. 
  3. Take care of the family clothes.

So, with that in mind let us see some tips that will help us be ready for a Shabbat shalom.


1. Grocery + Cook. 

  • 1. Create a Shabbat Menu. Creating a Shabbat Menu is very helpful. How does this work? 

First, think about what your family really enjoys eating especially the little ones. Make a list of the meals for each member of the family.

In the photo below we have an example of the list mentioned below. 

  • Create 4 different Menus, one for each week of the month with the easiest meal of the list above.

Obs.:Let we have balanced healthy meals with protein, carbs, vitamins, etc. 

Example. I can not give my children cereal all day because is easy and they like it. 🙂I think you get it. 

Here is an example of my family chart: 

Great now we can repeat this for each month, making some adjustments between each season of your life.

Children’s appetite chance so probably you will need to change the menu but now you have the formula. 

Obs.: If we cook a little be more quantities of food we can have let over for Saturday night or freeze and eat during the week. 🙂

  • With our Sabbath Menu ready, when we go to do groceries, we can take the list of the ingredients that we need to prepare the sabbath meals and buy them ahead. Usually, I do grocery on Wednesday, so on Thursdays evenings I can prepare some of my meals + challah, and finish the meals on Friday around 3p. 

Well done. Let us go to the next mission. 

2. Clean the house. 

  • Make it easy, after cooking, clean it, do not let your dishes multiple. 

Is very helpful to do all the dishes the day before the Sabbath – and make sure the dishwasher is empty, too. That way my family can just pop their dishes into the washer throughout the day. This avoids a messy sink. 

  • Use glass, Pyrex-type containers. Having Shabbat foods stored in glass, oven-proof containers makes things easier in a couple of ways. These can double as serving dishes and after our meal, we can put the lid back on and store it, without any extra cleanup. If we want a warm meal you can use insert pans on the Instant Pot, so after finishing the sabbath dinner on Friday we can store the meal in this pot, put it on the refrigerator, and on Saturday you add on the instant pot on the warm setting, and well done. We made it.  
  • Make note of anything that needs to be done before Shabbat. If you are a list writer, jot down what for sure needs done ahead of time. Not just meal prep for the Sabbath, also consider library books to be returned. Are you low on diapers or medication? Having it written down can help us check off the things that God helped us to get done, “the feeling of accomplishment is a blessing”. 
  • I try to do a little housework every day except the Sabbath. This keeps the laundry and other cleanings under control so I don’t feel stressed about it on the Sabbath.

3. Take care of the family clothes. 

Set out the Sabbath day’s clothes for everyone in the family a day ahead of time – ideally on Thursdays, so if needed, you have time to do laundry. If you have little ones, separate extra changes, put the diapers bag together, and change the diapers trash is something that you can take care of ahead of.

Let us strive to be ready Sisters. Do not forget to enjoy the process. 

I hope this message can encourage you in your own journey.

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